LED Dimmable Transformer for Flexible Ribbon 120Volts/12Volts, 300Watts, Constant Voltage


    Max Load: 300W
    Weight: 8 lbs.
    Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz
    Output Voltage Full Load: 12VDC
    Dimensions: Lenght:9", Width:4", Depth:3 1/4"

    General Information

    1. Input voltage 120VAC.
    2. Maximum no load input current : 0.6A.
    3. Enclosure Temperature does not exceed 65C in a 40C ambient, fully loaded.
    4. The actual transformer 300VA is encapsulated in the enclosure.
    5. Dimmable with all dimmers that provide symmetrical form of the current under any condition.
    6. Input leads are 18 AWG output leads are 12 AWG. Lead insulation is 105C.
    7. The transformer uses a class B (130C) insulation system.
    8. The transformer has a manual reset thermal 25A circuit breaker on the secondary side.
    9. Wiring compartment has 3 knockouts sized for 3/4 inch screw cable connectors.
    10. The wiring compartment cover hinged with rivets and opens vertically from bottom to top.
    11. The enclosure, available in black powder coated or stainless steel is NEMA 3R rated.
    12. The Transformer is UL listed.