Transformers>>LET-75 BF 12V/75W

LET-75 BF 12V/75W
Electronic Transformer 12V/75W with BOTTOM FEED. Electronic internal resetable protection, Patent pending auto heat regulation that also automatically acts as overload protection. Thermal
auto-reset 125ºC switch
  • Waterproof potting
  • PC plastic casing
  • Dimmable with standard dimmer
  • (LxWxH) 2.09"x1.29"x0.78"
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Lead wire length: 6"
  • DT: 40ºC
  • Max ambient temp. 50ºC
  • Output wire - Blue - 14AWG 200ºC
  • Input wire - White/Black - 18AWG 150ºC
  • Max load 75W
  • Minimum load w/o dimmer 10W
  • Minimum load with dimmer 20W
  • Input 120V 60Hz
  • Output at max. load 11.75V 40kHz
  • Input current at max. load 0.635A
  • Output current at max. load 6.35A
  • Power factor min. 0.95