Flexible Ribbon Led Strip Ultra Warm White (Non-Waterproof Or Waterproof)

Reference Number: ETL-RBL-UWW - Flexible Ribbon Led Strip Ultra Warm White (Non-Waterproof), ETL-STRIP-UWW - Waterproof Strip

General Information:

SMD2835 flexible strip adopts SMD2835 LED as light source. It dissipates heat through aluminum heat sink on the back of LEDs, generating a low-heat feature. Low light decay : 3%-5% every 1000 hrs. High brightness, gives out golden light with CCT 2400K.


Part Numbers: Non-Waterproof: ETL-RBL-UWW | Waterproof: ETL-STRIP-UWW
Approvals: ETL
Net weight: 100g / reel(includes reel)
Color: Ultra Warm white
Luminous: 265 Lm per foot / 4300 Lm per roll (16.25 ft.)
Maximum power: 60W
Standard reserved line: 7.87 inches
Measurement: 16.25 ft * 0.39 in * 0.06 in
LED quantity: 300PCS
Light source: SMD2835
Viewing angle: 120
Input voltage: DC24V
Rated current: 5A
Working temperature: -20C ~ 40C